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The right music for fitness means a success of any training and a wonderful mood. If your music is of a high quality and contains splendid compositions,the training will have more than simply good results because our body consists not only of muscles but a system of emotions and senses and the hearing is probably the main of them. If we like listening to a nice music our body tries to do its best! Our team tries to select the right music to stimulate you to better results while your are at a fitness center, at home or enjoying the fresh air. Mixes for fitness are created paying attention to their best rules. All the track are multiplied of 32 counts. The key of each track is selected so that their changes you even do not notice. Volume levels are on the same standart and mixes do not have "holes" and changes of pace. The speed level is smooth from the beginning to the end.We pay a great attention to the quality of the final product. All the audio files are represented in maximum quality of mp3 (320 kpbs) and have CUE format which can give the opportunity to devide the file into tracks if you need it.

We are ready to work with any fitness-centers and instructors who need to have exclusive mixes. Have a contact with us through the form of feedback if you have any suggestions or questions.

Have a nice training, good health and a wonderful mood! Hope our music will help you to achieve this!

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